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Scouts give up in Christian scoutmaster’s discrimination case

9 September 2018

The Scout Association has agreed to settle a discrimination claim of Mr Brian Walker, a veteran scoutmaster expelled from the Association last year for criticising its official magazine for “promoting” Islam and LGBT pride events.

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Vue Cinemas admits it was unlawful to block ‘ex-gay’ film

15 August 2018

In a significant victory for freedom of expression, cinema chain Vue has admitted that it was wrong to block the screening of an ‘ex-gay’ film, and settled in full a legal claim brought against them.

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Victory as restrictions lifted on nurse who gave Bible to patient

8 August 2018

In a judgment delivered on 26th July 2018, the NMC panel unanimously ruled that Sarah Kuteh was fully ‘fit to practise’ and “it is in the public interest to return an otherwise experienced and competent nurse into practice”, as it revoked all restrictions on her nursing practice with immediate effect.

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Complaints dismissed against Christian ex-mayor accused of ‘homophobia’ and ‘dishonesty’

3 August 2018

The local councillor who was forced to resign as Mayor of Ferryhill over social media posts has had formal complaints about his conduct dismissed.

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No such crime as ‘homophobia’, says judge, awarding damages to Christian market trader

26 July 2018

After 15 years of selling watches and mobile phone cases at his stall at Chichester market, Steve Loha had his licence revoked with immediate effect after a customer complained that he was offered an “offensive” Christian cartoon tract in May 2017.However, in a judgment delivered on Friday 20th July in Chichester County Court, a judge has found that Mr Loha’s removal was illegal.

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