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Kristie Higgs: Urgent application made to recuse panel member who has promoted extreme sex education

16 March 2023

Lawyers representing Christian mother Kristie Higgs, have this morning made an urgent application to the court inviting a member of the panel for her appeal hearing to recuse himself on the grounds of apparent bias.

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Kristie Higgs: Employment tribunal to hear appeal of Christian teaching assistant sacked for sharing petition against compulsory sex education

14 March 2023

This week, an Employment Tribunal will hear the appeal of a Christian teaching assistant who was sacked for sharing two Facebook posts that raised concerns about how transgenderism and compulsory sex education was to be taught at her son’s Church of England (CofE) primary school.

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‘Equality and Diversity takes precedence over religion’ says NHS boss as chaplain ousted for same-sex marriage beliefs takes legal action

12 March 2023

A Catholic chaplain and former professor of neurosciences is taking legal action against an NHS trust after he was ousted for answering a patient’s questions about the Church’s teaching on marriage.

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WIN for street preacher reported to Prevent for ‘misgendering’ as judge overturns conviction

9 March 2023

Today a Judge has overturned the conviction of a Christian street preacher who was arrested and reported to Prevent for 'misgendering' a member of the public. 

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First street preacher arrested and reported to counter-terrorism for ‘misgendering’ to appeal conviction

7 March 2023

A Christian lettings agent who became the first street preacher to be prosecuted and reported to counter-terrorism for alleged ‘misgendering’, is set to appeal his conviction this week at Leeds Crown Court.

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