Behind the many issues and challenges facing our society lie questions of identity – of who we are as humans, and of who God is.

Are we the accidental by-product of random processes, having no real value, meaning or purpose – left alone to make it all up as we go along? Or are we beautifully created and loved, having meaning, value, and purpose?

At the heart of the universe sits the creator God. He lovingly created us to know him and to enjoy fullness of life. And even when we rejected him and broke the world he had made, he responded in love, sending his own son, Jesus Christ, to bring forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration and hope.

At Christian Concern, we point to the hope for society that is found uniquely in Jesus Christ. We speak of both the pattern and the power that God, in his goodness, gives for life in all its fullness. We can’t cover every important issue, but we do engage on many, especially where the darkness is greatest or the consequences gravest.

Love for God and for society compels us. We know the goodness and kindness of God, we see the bankruptcy and oppression of his rivals, and we cannot keep God’s message of love, truth and hope from those around us.

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