We uphold the central role of parents in raising the next generation, and highlight that good education is built on a Christian worldview, especially in the areas of relationships and religion.

Our educational institutions are increasingly hostile to a Christian worldview. Children from Christian homes all too easily have their fledgling faith undermined, and the children of our society become more vulnerable to the secularising and sexualising trends of culture.

Christians themselves have bought into the idea that children should be educated by the state and that our job is just to take them to church. More than half of our children are being lost from the Church each generation.

Christian Concern wants to see children from every background flourish.

We support and connect those seeking to bring a faithful Christian witness in all areas of education. This both includes Christians in education, seen as a substantial part of the mission of the church, and Christian Education, as part of the discipleship mandate of the church.

We seek to defend and support people bringing the hope and truth of the gospel to children and young people.

We further seek to expose educational policies and practices which are detrimental to children and young people, providing Christians with partnerships, resources and support so that we can confidently address educational trends that harm young people – including problematic elements of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).


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