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Tory councillor reveals police threats to storm council building and arrest him during planning meeting for free speech beliefs

19 May 2024

A democratically elected Conservative councillor has launched a formal complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) after officers threatened to storm a council building and arrest him if he attended a planning committee meeting.

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Christian Concern welcomes government plans to ban extreme sex education and gender identity lessons being taught in primary schools

17 May 2024

Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) welcome the news from the government that under new guidance schools will no longer be allowed to teach children about harmful gender identity and any form of sex education until the age of 9.

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Hundreds expected to attend pro-life rally outside parliament to say no to abortion up to birth

14 May 2024

Hundreds of pro-life supporters are expected to gather outside parliament tomorrow to say no to abortion up to birth.

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High Court to hear appeal of Christian preacher arrested for protesting Islam outside London cathedral

7 May 2024

Tomorrow at the High Court, a Christian preacher will appeal a ruling which upheld his arrest outside Southwark Cathedral for displaying placards which protested against Islam in the wake of terrorist attacks.

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Sudiksha: DWP cancel benefit overpayment charge against grieving family after backlash

2 May 2024

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has backed down over forcing a family involved in a tragic end-of-life case to pay back benefit overpayments after a media outcry.

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