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‘The intention was to kill me’: Christian woman repeatedly stabbed at Speakers’ Corner speaks following ‘harrowing’ incident

28 July 2021

A Christian woman who was attacked and stabbed multiple times by a man in a black Islamic robe at Speakers' Corner, London, is speaking for the first time since the incident.

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Magistrates rule street preachers were entitled to evangelise and gather during lockdown

23 July 2021

London magistrates have thrown out a case against a Christian preacher, who was fined and prosecuted by the Metropolitan police for evangelising on Good Friday, 2020.

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Church hierarchy threaten vicar with sack for singing ‘Thine be the glory’ without a mask

18 July 2021

A Church of England vicar is facing disciplinary action and the sack for not following strict Covid regulation ‘guidance’ at his Dorset church.

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Mother sacked for sharing petition against compulsory sex education wins permission to appeal

15 July 2021

A Christian pastoral administrator sacked for two Facebook posts that raised concerns about transgenderism and sex education at her son’s Church of England primary school has won the right to appeal her case.

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Mother whose four-year-old had to take part in gay pride parade to have legal case heard

11 July 2021

A Christian mother whose four-year-old son was required to take part in a school’s gay pride parade against her will is to have her legal case heard in court this week.

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