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Judge says teachers must ‘celebrate’ transgender pupils and that girls can ‘credibly’ be boys as ban for not using preferred pronouns upheld

25 July 2024

A High Court judge has today ruled that Christian maths teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe, should continue to be banned from the profession indefinitely for refusing to use the preferred pronouns of a girl identifying as a boy.

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Christian social worker was ‘discriminated’ against by NHS provider but will appeal controversial ruling

1 July 2024

An Employment Tribunal has found that an NHS provider ‘directly discriminated’ against Christian social worker, Felix Ngole, by withdrawing his ‘dream job’ after discovering he had orthodox Christian beliefs on human sexuality.

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Two-thirds of Labour voters say a woman cannot have a penis, poll reveals

30 June 2024

A Whitestone Insight poll has revealed that two-thirds of Labour voters, excluding don't knows, believe a woman cannot have a penis. 

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Shadow Health Secretary says he is ‘horrified’ and offers to meet Darlington nurses at centre of female changing room legal case

25 June 2024

Wes Streeting has said he is ‘horrified’ that NHS nurses have had to resort to legal action after being forced to share a changing room with a man identifying as a woman.

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Nurses speak publicly on legal action against NHS Trust saying transgender policies on female changing rooms are putting ‘women at risk’

23 June 2024

Courageous female nurses are speaking publicly following the launch of a landmark legal case against an NHS Trust after they were told they needed to ‘broaden their mindset’ and be more ‘inclusive’, after asking not to share a changing room with a biological male identifying as a woman.

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