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Christian school worker to challenge sacking for sharing a petition against compulsory sex education

16 September 2020

A pastoral administrator sacked for two Facebook posts that raised concerns about transgenderism and sex education at her son’s Church of England primary school is set to have her legal case heard.

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2020 sees tragic rise in abortions after introduction of DIY home service

10 September 2020

Statistics released by the Department of Health and Social Care today have revealed that 2020 is set to see the highest number of abortions ever in England and Wales.

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Police tell pastor not to offend gay pride as mob threaten to burn down his church

7 September 2020

Devon and Cornwall Police have told a Christian pastor that if he offends the LGBT community he could be breaking the law after he posted a comment on a social media thread that welcomed the cancellation of a local gay pride event.

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Christian charity prevented from providing aid after police continue to freeze assets for supporting hostages released by ISIS

15 August 2020

A Christian UK charity is making an urgent application to have significant funds released by police so that it can send vital humanitarian aid to countries effected by Covid-19.

Assyrian Church of East Relief (ACERO), a charity dedicated to supporting disaster relief across the world, will make the urgent application supported by the Christian Legal Centre at Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday 17 August.

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“I’ve got chest pains; I will have a heart attack!” Police video reveals brutal arrest of father for refusing to leave dying daughter

2 August 2020

Shocking police body camera footage has revealed the brutal arrest of a father for refusing to leave the bedside of his critically ill daughter, after doctors announced life-saving treatment would be withdrawn without the family’s consent.

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