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Late-term abortion prosecution highlights tragic consequences of pills by post

13 June 2023

Andrea Williams (chief executive) responds to the news that a woman has been sentenced for illegally inducing an abortion at 8 months' gestation.

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LGBT activist and EU official reported ex-gay Christian to police for ‘conversion practices’, court in Malta hears

9 June 2023

The trial of an ex-gay Maltese Christian charity worker who faces criminal charges for allegedly discussing and advertising ‘conversion practices’ has begun in Valetta, Malta.

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Christian doctor vindicated by medical council over trans pronouns now takes case to Europe

8 June 2023

A Christian doctor sacked by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for refusing to use hypothetical transgender pronouns has been vindicated by the General Medical Council (GMC) following a fitness to practise self-referral.

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Matthew Grech: First criminal trial for gay ‘conversion practices’ to take place in Malta

7 June 2023

In a global first, this week a Maltese Christian charity worker is in court facing criminal charges for allegedly discussing and advertising ‘conversion practices.’

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Removal of life-sustaining care “too rushed and fraught with injustices”

6 June 2023

Changes are needed to ensure the voices of families are respected in the case of critically children whose life support may be withdrawn, calling the process “too rushed and fraught with injustices”.

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