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Cass Review shows children have been failed by medical and social ‘transition’

10 April 2024

Christian Concern responds to the much-anticipated final report of the Cass Review of gender identity services for children and young people.

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‘No evidence’ Christian beliefs leads to increased LGBT suicide, Tribunal hears from expert on minority stress theory

8 April 2024

Today at Leeds Employment Tribunal, for the first time a UK court has heard evidence analysing the validity of ‘Minority Stress Theory’ applied to the case of Christian social worker, Felix Ngole.  

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NHS service provider says John 3:16 is ‘triggering’ and belief in two genders ‘could lead to death’ in Christian social worker case

5 April 2024

A senior member of staff at Touchstone Support Leeds has said while giving evidence this afternoon in the case of Felix Ngole, that sharing the belief that there are only two genders could ‘lead to death.’

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Felix Ngole: Panel member recused after evidence of pro-LGBTQI+ bias in Christian freedoms case

3 April 2024

For the second time in a fortnight, a panel member presiding over a high-profile Christian freedoms case has been forced to recuse himself due to a ‘real possibility of bias.’

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Tribunal to hear case of Christian social worker told to ‘embrace and promote LGBTQ+ rights’ or be unemployable

31 March 2024

This week (April 2) a Leeds employment tribunal will hear the case of a Christian social worker who was given a choice by a Stonewall backed NHS provider to ‘embrace and promote LGBTQ+ rights’ or have a job offer withdrawn.

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