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Victory for Christian charity as Barclays Bank pay out £20,000 in ‘conversion therapy’ discrimination case

28 June 2023

Barclays Bank has been forced to pay-out over £20,000 in compensation plus legal costs after it capitulated to LGBT activists and closed a Christian ministry’s bank account in a case of viewpoint discrimination.

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6,000 schools to be targeted with extreme LGBT teaching this week

26 June 2023

Today (26 June) over 6,000 schools across the UK, without the knowledge of most parents, will take part in an extreme LGBT diversity week.

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2022 abortion numbers show drastic increase on 2021’s all-time high

22 June 2023

Abortion numbers in England & Wales continue to soar and have reached new all-time highs, new statistics released by the Department of Health & Social Care this morning show.

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Kristie Higgs: Christian teaching assistant WINS appeal after sacking for sharing petition against compulsory sex education

16 June 2023

Today (16 June) Christian teaching assistant Kristie Higgs has won her appeal after a previous ruling had upheld her sacking for sharing two Facebook posts that raised concerns about how transgenderism and compulsory sex education was to be taught at her son’s Church of England (CofE) primary school.

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Council tells the teacher who raised safeguarding concerns about 8-year-old’s ‘gender transition’: pay £14,000 now or we will come after your house

15 June 2023

In a latest twist of the ongoing legal battle, bosses at Nottinghamshire County Council have written to the teacher it had sacked from her job at a primary school for raised a safeguarding alarm about a child, demanding that she pays their £14,000 legal costs of defending the case against her.

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