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Senior ‘independent’ Methodist who upheld sacking of Christian lecturer revealed as a global LGBT activist, tribunal hears

5 June 2024

The sacking of a Christian lecturer by a Bible college for one tweet on human sexuality was upheld on appeal by a global LGBT activist who claimed in open court to be ‘independent’, a tribunal has heard.

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Christian lecturer begins giving evidence at Employment Tribunal

29 May 2024

  Today in Sheffield, Dr Aaron Edwards, a lecturer and father of six, sacked by a Methodist Bible College for one tweet on human sexuality, has begun giving evidence. Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Dr Edwards has taken legal action against Cliff College, an evangelical Bible college in Derbyshire, on the grounds of harassment, ...

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Christian lecturer sacked for tweet on human sexuality and threatened with Prevent to have case heard

28 May 2024

Today (28 May) an employment tribunal will hear the case of a Christian lecturer, theologian, and father of six, sacked by a Methodist Bible college and threatened with a Prevent referral for one tweet on Christian sexual ethics.

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Nurses take NHS Trust to court over ‘harassment’ by semi-naked ‘transgender’ colleague in female changing rooms

26 May 2024

Female nurses working at an NHS hospital were told by the Head of HR they needed to be 'broaden their mindset' , be more ‘educated’ and more ‘inclusive’, after asking not to share a changing room with a biological male identifying as a woman.

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Westminster Council face legal threat after accusations of ‘breaching planning control’ with mass Pride flag display on Regent Street

24 May 2024

A Christian group has accused Westminster City Council of ‘indoctrinating’ Londoners and ‘breaching planning control’ after repeatedly rubber-stamping mass LGBTQI+ Pride flag displays without proper consultation on one of the most famous streets in the world.

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