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Survey shows many priests not upholding CofE doctrine

30 August 2023

The Times reports today that a majority of Church of England priests disagree with Church of England doctrine on marriage and sexual ethics.

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Half of NHS Trusts recognise existence of fetal pain during late term abortion, FOI investigation reveals

11 August 2023

After four decades of denial from the abortion industry, a Freedom of Information (FOI) investigation into the approach of NHS Trusts to fetal pain during late term abortions has revealed that half now recognise its existence.

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Government refuses to say whether teachers can refer to pupils by their legal and biological gender

2 August 2023

The government has this week responded to a written question that asked whether it will “publish guidance to clarify whether teachers may refer to pupils by their legal and biological gender.”

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70,000 call on Barclays Bank to reinstate Christian charities’ account

26 July 2023

As heads roll at Natwest in the wake of the Nigel Farage banking discrimination scandal, a Christian therapist whose legal case began the wave of front-page news on the issue, continues to wait for an apology and reinstatement of his account by Barclays Bank bosses.

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Church of England refuses to intervene or question teaching of extreme gender identity lessons in its primary schools

20 July 2023

The Chief Education Officer of the Church of England (CofE), Nigel Genders, has refused to intervene or even question the teaching of extreme sex education and gender identity lessons in its primary schools.

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