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Government says it was ‘inappropriate’ for Crown Prosecution to say parts of Bible are ‘no longer appropriate in modern society’

14 December 2022

In a win for Christian freedoms, the government has said that it was ‘inappropriate’ for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to argue that parts of the Bible are ‘no longer appropriate in modern society’ while trying to convict a Christian preacher of an alleged ‘hate crime.’

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Fury as parents accuse Church of England school of child abuse following secret trans indoctrination of 8-year-olds

14 December 2022

A Church of England (CofE) primary school has justified secretly teaching 8-year-old children that they can be born in the wrong body and encouraged the idea that 3-year-old’s can declare themselves as ‘non-binary’ to their parents.

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15,000 call on Church of England to scrap its pro-transgender guidance for primary schools

13 December 2022

Christian parents and two members of General Synod have handed in a petition to the Archbishop of Canterbury demanding an end to the Church of England’s (CofE) policy that says children as young as five should be affirmed if they want to identify as transgender.

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Legal action launched over Bournemouth abortion clinic buffer zone that criminalises prayer and counselling

2 December 2022

Legal action has been launched against Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council over a ‘buffer zone’ that censors free speech and makes prayer illegal outside an abortion clinic.

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Marie Curie ‘unreservedly apologise’ to chaplain after he was banned from wearing half-inch cross and told he needed ‘re-education’

27 November 2022

Marie Curie has unreservedly apologised to a Christian chaplain after he was told he would face ‘consequences’ and would need ‘re-training’ if he did not remove a half-inch badge pin with a cross on it from his jumper.

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