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NHS Trust capitulates to its ex-chaplain in the legal battle over its statement that ‘Equality and Diversity takes precedence over religious belief’

31 March 2023

A London NHS Trust has settled a discrimination case with a Catholic chaplain who was ousted for answering questions from a patient on a psychiatric ward about the Church’s teaching on marriage.

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Victory for grieving parents as Court of Appeal ends anonymity for doctors in end-of-life cases

31 March 2023

In a ground-breaking judgment, with widespread implications for the press reporting of all legal proceedings, the Court of Appeal has this morning ended life-long anonymity protection for doctors in medical cases including in hugely controversial end-of-life cases.  The ruling may potentially lead to the discharging of anonymity orders made in dozens of similar cases.

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Bereaved families expect outcome of challenge over secrecy of life and death proceedings in Family Division of High Court

29 March 2023

This Friday, two grieving families who have challenged the secrecy of life and death proceedings in the Family Division of the High Court, expect judgment in their case. 

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Christian theologian sacked for tweet on human sexuality threatened with Counter-Terrorism referral

18 March 2023

A Christian theology lecturer with five young children has been sacked and threatened with a Counter-Terrorism referral by a Methodist bible college for a tweet on human sexuality that went viral.

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Kristie Higgs: Appeal to proceed ‘judge alone’ after unprecedented double recusal for perceived bias on transgenderism and sex education

17 March 2023

In a highly unusual, if not unprecedented move, the President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal, has been forced to recuse two lay panel members for perceived bias on transgenderism and extreme sex education.

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