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Christian theologian sacked for tweet on human sexuality and threatened with Counter-Terrorism referral takes legal action

24 November 2023

A Christian theology lecturer with five young children has launched legal action after being sacked and threatened with a Counter-Terrorism referral by a professedly evangelical Methodist Bible college for a tweet on human sexuality.

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Sudiksha: Hospital reporting restrictions lifted as family appeal ruling which said she was ‘delusional’ for wanting to live

23 November 2023

The reporting restrictions preventing the naming of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham as the NHS outlet responsible for the care of 19-year-old, Sudiksha Thirumalesh, have been lifted.

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Christian preacher arrested for placards protesting Islam after terrorist attack wins chance to appeal

20 November 2023

Today a Christian preacher has won permission to appeal a ruling which upheld his arrest outside Southwark Cathedral in London for displaying placards protesting Islam in the wake of terrorist attacks.

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Indi Gregory dies during the night

13 November 2023

Indi Gregory has died during the night after having her life-support removed, her father, Dean, has said. 

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Indi has life-support removed after being transferred to hospice with police presence

12 November 2023

8-month-old Indi Gregory as been transferred from the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham to a hospice and has had her life-support removed after Friday's ruling from the Court of Appeal.

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