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Indi Gregory: Judge rules life-support will be removed tomorrow as Hospital bosses threaten to remove treatment without family present

8 November 2023

This afternoon, Mr Justice Robert Peel has ruled that Indi Gregory's life-support must be removed at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham or a hospice and not at home, contrary to the wishes of her parents. 

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Indi Gregory: Italy issues emergency measure authorising Indi’s immediate transfer to Rome

8 November 2023

At the request of Indi Gregory's family, the Italian consul in Manchester, Dr Matteo Corradini, in his capacity as guardianship judge for the 8-month-old, has today issued an emergency measure recognising the authority of the Italian courts in this case.

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Italian government gives Indi Gregory citizenship as hospital threatens to extubate baby against High Court care plan order

6 November 2023

As news breaks in Italy that the Italian government has made Indi Gregory an Italian citizen, the family's lawyers are making an urgent application to the High Court after staff at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham threatened to end her life-support in a move that would go against an agreed Care Plan. 

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Indi Gregory: Judges prevent parents from appealing ruling that blocks transfer to Italy for treatment

4 November 2023

On a Saturday morning, two Court of Appeal judges, Lady Justice Eleanor King and Lord Justice Peter Jackson, have thrown out the appeal of Indi Gregory’s parents without a hearing.

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Indi Gregory: Italian Senator speaks out following court ruling blocking specialist treatment in Rome

3 November 2023

A lawyer and former Italian Senator who brokered the place at a specialist paediatric hospital in Rome for Indi Gregory has spoken out following yesterday's ruling. 

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