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Kristie Higgs: Christian school assistant wins permission to take discrimination case to the Court of Appeal

28 January 2024

A school assistant who was sacked and had her Christian beliefs compared to Neo-Nazism for opposing transgender ideology and sharing a petition against compulsory sex education on social media, has won permission to take her case to the Court of Appeal.

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DBS says it will take ‘no action’ against chaplain as extreme LGBT charity that led to sacking folds

23 January 2024

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has said "it would not be appropriate' to take action against an ordained Church of England (CofE) chaplain who was sacked and reported to a terrorist watchdog for a moderate sermon on identity politics.

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Christian teacher to appeal professional ban for not using preferred pronouns in classroom

21 January 2024

A Christian maths teacher who was found guilty of ‘misgendering’ a female student who identified as a boy and was subsequently banned indefinitely by the Secretary of State for Education, is set to appeal the ruling.

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Christian preacher faces prosecution for holding sign with Bible verse in abortion clinic ‘buffer zone’

18 January 2024

This Friday at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court, a Christian preacher and campaigner faces potentially being sent to prison for six months for holding a sign with a verse from the Bible’s renowned Psalm 139 on it within a ‘buffer zone’ outside of a London abortion clinic.

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Christian teaching assistant WINS £7,000 settlement after sacking for street preaching

11 January 2024

A Christian teaching assistant has won an £7,000 legal settlement from a school in Leeds after he was sacked for street preaching in his spare time.

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