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Role of Church of England bishop in blacklisting ‘terrorist’ chaplain to be scrutinised by tribunal

23 February 2023

An employment tribunal is scrutinising the role of a bishop in blacklisting a chaplain from officiating in the Church of England after he was wrongly reported as a potential ‘terrorist’ and hounded out of employment at a school for giving a sermon on identity politics.

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Archbishop of Canterbury tells synod member to apologise for challenging ‘same-sex blessings’

6 February 2023

A Church of England general synod member, who has received death threats for speaking against Queer Theory and LGBT pride events, has now been ‘rebuked’ by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York for challenging ‘same-sex blessings.’

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Churches with largest under-16 attendance teach conservative views on sexuality, study shows

3 February 2023

Analysis of Church of England churches with the largest under-16 attendance demonstrates no visible support for same-sex ‘marriage’, refuting claims that churches need to change their beliefs on LGBT issues to reach younger people.

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Synod member reported to police for ‘hate crime’ for campaigning against Queer Theory and sexualisation of children

1 February 2023

The Bishop of Coventry has capitulated to pressure from LGBT campaigners by reporting a lay member of the Church of England’s general synod to the police for an alleged ‘hate crime.’

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Mother whose four-year-old compelled to take part in LGBT pride parade to have legal case heard

28 January 2023

A Christian mother whose four-year-old son was required to take part in a school’s LGBT pride parade against her will is to have her legal case heard in court this week.

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