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Christian Concern responds to government delay in publishing transgender guidelines for schools

19 July 2023

The Times reports today that the Attorney General has advised the government that banning social transition in schools would be unlawful and that the government would need to pass new legislation to do this.  Social transition means that children can “choose another pronoun or name and wear the uniform of the opposite sex.”

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Local councillor cancelled by seven organisations in five days after tweeting ‘pride is sin’ to take legal action

17 July 2023

A Conservative Christian councillor will launch legal action after having his life torn apart for sharing one tweet which gave the Christian and biblical position on LGBT pride events.

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‘Minority stress theory’ to be analysed in UK court for first time in Christian freedom case

14 July 2023

An employment tribunal has adjourned the case of Christian social worker, Felix Ngole, so that expert evidence on ‘minority stress theory’ can be submitted and analysed by a UK court for the first time.

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NHS provider faces legal action after withdrawing job offer and telling Christian social worker you must: ‘embrace and promote LGBTQ+ rights’

9 July 2023

A social worker has taken legal action against a health care provider for the NHS after a job offer was withdrawn following the discovery that he held Christian beliefs on marriage and human sexuality.

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Christian coalition to resist attempts to overturn constitution and force same-sex marriage on Caribbean island

3 July 2023

This week in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), a Christian coalition will resist attempts by a lesbian couple to overturn the constitution of the Caribbean territory and enforce same-sex marriage.

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