Christian society

We remind society of the huge benefit that our Christian heritage has brought, and point to the resources that God’s pattern uniquely provides for a flourishing future.

At the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, she was presented with a Bible to keep her:

“…ever mindful of the law and the Gospel of God as the Rule for the whole life and government of Christian Princes.”

This was not mere ceremony – the United Kingdom, and Western civilisation as a whole – grew up because Christian people acted out of Christian convictions.

Magna Carta, which gave birth to the British constitution and inspired civil liberties worldwide, was a Christian document, emphasising from the beginning the God-given freedom of the Church. Throughout British history, rulers, lawmakers and political theorists acted out of Christian convictions.

They didn’t get everything right, of course. But it was fervent Christians who were at the centre of putting grave mistakes like the slave trade right.

Christians pioneered education. Christians pioneered hospitals. And more recently, Christians and churches have pioneered work amongst the most vulnerable in our society, tackling poverty, homelessness, addiction and knife crime out of the conviction that we are to love our neighbour.

We are convinced that the wisdom of God and the influence of Christians is critical to build a society that is truly compassionate.

Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre defend the freedoms of Christians and churches to make sure that they can bring the hope of Christ to a society that truly needs it. Christians shouldn’t need to leave their convictions at home, or at church, in order to be the positive change that our society needs.


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