Beginning of life

We herald the dignity and worth of every human person from conception, and campaign against abortion and experimentation on unborn children.

The right to life is the foundation on which all other freedoms rest: if there is no life, there is no freedom. Every person, from the moment of conception, has a protected right to life.

Yet since the passing of the Abortion Act in 1967, abortion rates have grown exponentially. Nearly 10 million babies have been killed in the womb since 1967 in the UK – almost the entire population of London.

Although the likes of abortion, IVF and surrogacy are treated as women’s rights, the truth is that they are not only harmful for the lives that are lost, they are also harmful for the women who endure the procedures.

Many abortion providers are operating in the UK as if abortion is legal by choice, effectively creating a system of abortion on demand for any reason. Key health institutions also support and promote abortion as ‘women’s healthcare’.

Many IVF procedures artificially create and then destroy embryos – human lives at their earliest stage. Embryos and gametes are also being frozen indefinitely and experimented on, even to the point of being mixed with animal DNA.

Christian Concern seeks to speak up for the worth and dignity of every human being, while exposing the true nature of medical procedures that devalue a person’s right to life. We seek to protect vulnerable women and families, showing how Christianity alone provides the basis to care even for those that society deems ‘unwanted’.


Should Christians be advocates for unborn children?

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