More than a number – the human cost of abortion

9 July 2020

209,519 in 2019.

574 every day. 23 every hour. 1 every 2½ minutes.

The number of abortions taking place in England and Wales alone is overwhelming. But each abortion is more than a number – it represents a baby that has died, a missing child, and often a hurting mother.

We don’t want to see these human stories lost, each person relegated to a statistic. So over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting stories, videos and reflections here and on our social media channels designed to show that these are more than just numbers.


Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting reflections on the Christian response to abortion.


Abortion Discriminates

Our four-part ‘Abortion Discriminates’ series was originally published in 2017 to address the often overlooked reality that abortion, at its core, is a discriminatory action. On a basic level, abortion discriminates against the unborn child and its right to life, robbing it of dignity and recognised value. But there are other ways in which abortion intentionally discriminates as well, such as on the basis of race, sex and disability. You can read more at the links below.


Personal testimonies

From stories of abortion regret, to stories of survival and breakthrough, we’ll be sharing the testimonies of women who have experienced the tragic reality of abortion.

  • Read Missy’s story – Missy reveals how, at the age of 14, she found out that she was the result of a botched abortion.
  • Watch Kath’s story – Kath tells her emotional story of abortion regret and what she went through before, during and after.
  • Watch Charlotte’s story – Charlotte shares how she was able to get an abortion aged 16, revealing the lack of support she received from Marie Stopes.
  • Read actress, Sally Phillips’ story – Sally tells The Times how her son Olly, who has Down’s syndrome, has taught her how to value life.


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