‘I don’t think it ever crossed my mind that it was a human’

27 July 2020

Charlotte shares her story about getting an abortion at age 16.

“The thing that I remember most is the absolute physical pain … I couldn’t stand, but I had to hide it from my family. I never did hear anything ever again from Marie Stopes,” she says. “I believe I could have said anything, I don’t think I even needed a reason. I think it would have been enough to go there and say, ‘I’d like an abortion’ … it would have been enough for me to say, ‘I don’t think my parents will be happy’.”

Now, Charlotte works as a voice for the voiceless, helping women in unplanned pregnancies and advocating for the unborn.

If you are in a crisis pregnancy, or know anyone that is, you can contact the Pregnancy Crisis Helpline: https://pregnancycrisishelpline.org.uk/

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