We expose secularism, which privileges atheism in public life, and squeezes out other religions and beliefs, including Christianity.

The foundations of the United Kingdom – our government, our laws, our institutions – have, for well over a thousand years been explicitly Christian.

But particularly in the last century, secularism has risen to the point that our Christian heritage is sidelined as little more than a quirk of history.

Secularism often claims to provide a neutral, equal playing field for people of any belief, but in reality, privileges atheism in public life. The motivation and beliefs of Christians are sidelined unless they conform to the atheist idea that God has nothing to say about our public life.

Atheistic humanism cannot be a solid foundation for a just, compassionate society; it relies on Christian assumptions like loving your neighbour but cannot account for why we should do so.

Christian Concern seeks to expose the impossibility of neutrality and the false claims of secular humanism and promote the understanding that a Christian foundation for society is the one that truly allows everyone to flourish.

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