Christian freedoms

We protect the freedom to live for Jesus Christ in everyday life, and expose the challenges some Christians encounter.

Christians are called by Jesus not to put their light ‘under a bushel’ but to let their light shine before others (Matthew 5:15).

This means Christian faith can’t be restricted to what we do at home or at church but will affect how we live and speak at school, at work and everywhere else.

Yet Christians in the UK find this hard – in part for fear of what will happen if they follow their conscience or manifest their faith in the workplace. Many Christians have been disciplined and even lost their jobs simply for doing what they believe to be the right thing. Increasingly, they’re finding themselves under pressure not even for what they do at work but for what they do outside work – for example expressing their beliefs on social media.

It’s vital that Christians continue to be salt and light, whatever the cost. Nevertheless, it’s good for everyone if Christian freedoms are upheld.

Christian Concern protects the freedom of Christians to act and live like Christians in every area of their lives by advocating for good laws and public policy. The Christian Legal Centre provides practical help, advice and supports legal cases of Christians whose freedom has been jeopardised, particularly in the workplace.

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Key cases

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