Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin, a Christian mayoral candidate, lost her job at a housing association for expressing her Christian beliefs on marriage on her election manifesto.

Maureen Martin, president of the Christian People’s Alliance, had stood to be Mayor of Lewisham in April 2022. As part of her election manifesto, she had outlined her political position on various topics, including on marriage. However, following the publication of the manifesto, complaints were made against her for ‘hate speech’.

Miss Martin had worked for the housing association L&Q for 13 years with an exemplary record as a housing manager. However, following the complaints raised over her manifesto, the company quickly investigated Miss Martin’s position and told her her views could “bring L&Q into disrepute.” Miss Martin was then suspended from the company and, following a full disciplinary hearing, was then sacked for gross misconduct.

With the Christian Legal Centre’s help, Miss Martin launched legal action. In April 2023, Miss Martin won a substantial pay-out from her former employer.

Miss Martin commented on her case: “I am pleased that L&Q has paid out such a substantial sum following the sacking. I know God brought me through this situation and I cannot emphasise more the importance of Christians taking a stand when being discriminated against.

“If you don’t challenge, you walk away with nothing and the employer who has discriminated against you believes that they have done nothing wrong and are likely to treat someone else similarly.”

If you agree that voicing Christian beliefs should not get you fired, support Maureen by signing the petition.

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