Christian Concern seeks to love our Muslim neighbours, while honestly engaging with the true nature of Islam.

As our nation drifts from its Christian roots, Islam is quickly taking its place. There are now over 3.9 million Muslims living in this nation or 6.9% of the population according to the most recent census.

Yet despite the relatively small portion of the population that self-identify as Muslim, Islam has a disproportionate influence on our society. But this doesn’t lead to freedom or flourishing – in fact, for many, it leads to oppression. We have seen massive demonstrations in support of Islamic terrorism as well as several Islam-inspired terrorist acts in the UK.

Many sharia councils and courts are operating in the UK, effectively creating a parallel legal system which is incompatible with what we take to be basic freedoms and human rights. Sharia councils have been found to discriminate against women, many of whom are under significant community pressure to accept their decisions.

The UK has promoted Islamic banking, issuing a government sharia bond, while multiple supermarket and restaurant chains also sell halal meat, often without labelling it.

Many political parties and other organisations have accepted a definition of Islamophobia that seriously inhibits free speech in relation to Islam, effectively creating a new blasphemy law in the UK.

So we seek to engage truthfully with Islam and our Muslim neighbours, and show how Christianity alone provides the basis for a free society that protects even its most vulnerable members.


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