We underline the reality and purpose of the distinction between male and female, and challenge transgender ideology.

God made men and women in his image – equal but different. As we’ve lost sight of this foundational truth, confusing and ever-changing theories about gender have captured society’s imagination.

This isn’t liberating, but oppressive. Though stereotypes can be unhelpful and gender confusion is a reality for some, living out our God-given sex, as men and women, is where we thrive as individuals and society.

Christian Concern supports and advocates for policies which uphold the male-female distinction for the good of all.

Recognising that some people experience inner turmoil regarding their embodiment as male or female, we believe that gender reassignment procedures have long been mistakenly promoted as the answer to their problems – often causing lasting damage.

We support the freedom for people to receive spiritual and psychological help in this area and seek a return to sex-based policies in public life.

Key articles

What does the Bible say about Transgenderism?

Why transgenderism is not a single issue

The transgender issue is a first-order gospel issue

Is it really offensive to study transgender regret?

UK is the first country to scrap gender self-identification plan


Pete Benjamin

Key cases

The Rowes

Kristie Higgs

Dr David Mackereth


The New Normal: The Transgender Agenda

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