Hannah lost her job as a primary school teacher after raising safeguarding concerns over a child that was socially ‘transitioning’ gender at her school.

‘Hannah’ (name changed for legal reasons), a Christian primary school teacher, lost her job for raising safeguarding concerns about a child who was due to join her class. The child wanted to identify as the opposite gender, with the support and backing of the controversial transgender campaign group Mermaids. But because of Hannah’s Christian beliefs, and the scientific evidence to back her up, Hannah could not go along with this. The school sadly brushed Hannah’s concerns aside, and after she sought a judicial review of the school’s policy, she was then dismissed for gross misconduct.

With the support of the Christian Legal Centre, Hannah is appealing her dismissal.

Hannah commented: “It is because I care so much about children that I am taking this action. This isn’t about me proving that I am right, but about the safety of a seriously distressed child. More must be done to protect vulnerable children across the country from long-term mental, emotional and irreversible physical damage inflicted upon them by this dangerous ideology.”

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