Dr David Mackereth

David lost his job as an assessor for the Department for Work and Pensions after saying he wouldn’t use transgender pronouns.

Dr David Mackereth, who had been an A&E doctor for 26 years, lost his job with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) after refusing to identify clients by their chosen gender instead of their biological sex. David said that using ‘transgender pronouns’ went against his conscience as a doctor and Bible-believing Christian.

In a ruling from the Employment Appeal Tribunal, the judge ruled that Biblical beliefs that do not affirm transgenderism are protected under the Equality Act, but also ruled that Christians cannot express those beliefs in the workplace without fear of losing their job.

David has now appealed his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Commenting on his case, David said: “I am determined to fight for justice in this case as firstly, as a society and in the medical profession, we are not allowed to say what we believe. Secondly, as my case shows, we are not allowed to think what we believe. Finally, we are not allowed to defend what we believe. Christians must be able to hold and express their faith in private and public and to uphold Biblical and scientific truths without fear of losing their livelihoods.”

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