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Pastor who received death threat sues school after being hounded out of job by LGBT mob rule

1 December 2019

The Christian Legal Centre is supporting Pastor Keith Waters, who for saying gay pride events are harmful to children, received a death threat at his home, was harassed at his church and was hounded out of his employment by LGBT mob rule.

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Response to the Church of England’s Charter for Relationships, Sex and Health Education

29 November 2019

Andrea Minichiello Williams (General Synod member and chief executive of Christian Concern) responds to today's publication of the Church of England's Charter for Relationships, Sex and Health Education.

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Christian Concern responds to Conservative manifesto

28 November 2019

The Conservative manifesto, released over the weekend, contains no policy proposals on liberalising abortion, gender self-declaration, or no-fault divorce. This sets the Conservatives apart from the other two main parties, both of which have extreme proposals on abortion and gender self-declaration, and both of which propose to introduce unilateral destruction of families through no-fault divorce. ...

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Christian Concern responds to Lib Dem manifesto

22 November 2019

The Liberal Democrat (Lib Dem) manifesto released this week contains extreme proposals on gender and family issues. Self-Declaration of Gender The Liberal Democrats plan to remove the requirement for medial reports for gender recognition, making it a process of self-identification with no support from science or medicine (p75). Lib Dems also plan to recognise “non-binary ...

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Stories of healing and hope: silenced movement holds closed event on outskirts of Budapest

22 November 2019

Outside Hungary’s capital city, a movement that the LGBT community across the world has attempted to suppress, has held its fifth annual conference with a cast of amazing stories of transformation. In the wake of Pope Francis so publicly meeting LGBT advocate Jayne Ozanne, who campaigns to make so called ‘conversion therapy’ illegal, The International Federation ...

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