Vote, pray and think Christianly about the election

17 June 2024

As Christians who care about how law and policy shape society, we should be active, alert and assured that God is on the throne.

Which issues should matter to us Christians, and how might some affect our freedom to share the good news of the Gospel?

In this crucial time in the life of our nation, be informed about how to vote, campaign, pray and have conversations about the election through a biblical lens.

Week 1: Our Christian Foundations

Troubles with the economy, healthcare, immigration and the environment populate our headlines, but are symptomatic of a deeper root cause. Our chief executive Andrea Williams explains how society’s problems today stem from our wholesale rejection of Jesus Christ and his pattern for our society.

Instead, Christian foundations, the value of life, the goodness of family and the importance of freedom are pivotal to how we should vote and pray.



On our Election Watch edition of Round the Table, Andrea Williams, Ade Omooba MBE and Ben John discussed the need for our Christian foundations to be restored in society.

Week 2: Life

Protecting life from womb to tomb is fundamental to good law.


Read: “In the gospels, Jesus is pro-life” by Sean Redfearn

Read: “Valuing life: abortion is just the tip of the iceberg” by Paul Huxley

Read: “Vote Life founder Christian Hacking on pro-life election”

On Round the Table, Ben John was joined by Paul Huxley and Ade Omooba MBE to discuss the value of life and how it is an election issue.

Week 3: Family

We have an opportunity to use this election season to stand for the beauty of God’s pattern and purpose for family.


Read: “If you ditch the family, you ditch love” by Sean Redfearn

Read: “We have demolished the family – but there is Hope” by Andrea Williams

Read: “Father’s Day for a lesbian’s son” by Robert Oscar Lopez

Read: “The demise of normal family – does it matter?” by Tony Rucinski

On Round the Table, Paul Huxley was joined by Andrea Williams and Roger Kiska to discuss the collapse of family, the building block of society.

Week 4: Freedom

Society has chosen to reject God’s way and follow its own way, having exchanged his truth for a lie. And we are more enslaved than ever before, because only the truth of Jesus Christ can set us free.

Read: “Freedom is not libertarianism” by Andrea Williams

Read: “The influence of Islam on the election” by Tim Dieppe

Read: “No one has a recruitment list like Jesus” by Sean Redfearn

Read “Labour government would be a major threat to free speech” by Paul Huxley

On Round the Table, Steve Beegoo, Andrea Williams, Tim Dieppe and Ben John explored the issue of freedom from a Christian perspective – is it all about ‘free speech’?


Understand what the parties stand for

What promises are politicians making in their party manifestos that are favourable?

Our head of public policy Tim Dieppe has been analysing manifestos from the largest UK-wide parties as they are released.





Responding to the Conservative Party’s Manifesto

Responding to the Labour Manifesto

Responding to the Liberal Democrats’ Manifesto

Responding to Reform UK’s Contract with the People

Responding to the Green Party’s Manifesto

Analysing the smaller parties’ manifestos

Pray with us

On the evening before the general election, hundreds gathered in two locations – Westminster in London and Holyrood in Edinburgh to pray for our nation and the new parliament.

We have compiled a general election prayer guide according to these four pillars for a flourishing society, which you can download, print and pray through with your church or small group.

If you found this resource helpful, do share it around and stay tuned on YouTube, X and Facebook for more updates on the election.

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