Responding to the Labour Manifesto

14 June 2024

Our Head of Public Policy Tim Dieppe gives his assessment of the policies in the Labour Party’s manifesto

The Labour Party released its manifesto on Thursday. Here is what it says on the key moral issues we campaign about.

Sex and gender

Labour’s manifesto promises to: “modernise, simplify, and reform the intrusive and outdated gender recognition law to a new process.”

However, it also says that they will: “retain the need for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria from a specialist doctor”, thus not going as far as to support gender self-identification.

Labour says that it will implement the recommendations of the Cass Review, but does not specify any particular recommendations. Puberty blockers, which have recently been banned in response to the Cass Review are not mentioned in the manifesto. They intend to make crimes against LGBT+ people an aggravating factor.

‘Conversion therapy’

The manifesto says: Labour will finally deliver a full trans-inclusive ban on conversion practices, while protecting the freedom for people to explore their sexual orientation and gender identity.” It is not clear how any legal ban on ‘conversion practices’ can in practice allow people to explore their sexual orientation or gender identity. It is very difficult to see how this promise can be squared with Labour’s claim to support the Cass Review, since any kind of talking therapy that does not affirm a ‘trans identity’ is branded as ‘conversion therapy’.

Any new law on ‘conversion practices’ would end up criminalising consensual conversations about certain topics, or even prayer for someone who wants to be prayed for. As the government admitted in its consultation, anything physical done in the name of ‘conversion therapy’ is already illegal. Our Free to Talk website explains how banning ‘conversion therapy’ will ban consensual conversations.

Life issues

The Labour manifesto says nothing about abortion or euthanasia. It should be noted that Labour MPs have spearheaded attempts to decriminalise abortion in the previous parliament which would have meant that unborn babies could have been killed right up to birth.

Earlier this year, Kier Starmer promised to give MPs a vote on legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia if Labour wins the election.


There is no mention of marriage in this manifesto. Labour promises to expand childcare by opening 3,000 new nurseries. It also promises to review parental leave so that it best supports working families. There will be a new offence of criminal exploitation of children.

More concerning is Labour’s promise to charge rates and VAT on all private education. As we have warned, this would punish Christian families that sacrificially pay for their children to go to low cost Christian schools. In all likelihood, it would lead to the closure of many of these schools and put more children back into state schools. Not only does this penalise families, but it puts into doubt the claim that it would raise £1.5 billion towards the budget.


The influence of Islam on the Labour Party is seen in its promise to recognise a Palestinian state. Labour also plans to bring in a new Race Equality Act.

The Labour Party has formally adopted the notorious APPG definition of ‘Islamophobia’ which defines ‘Islamophobia’ as a ‘type of racism’. Given this, it is likely that this definition of Islamophobia will be incorporated into the Race Equality Act, becoming a legal definition. The APPG definition effectively prohibits criticism of Islamic beliefs and practices, thus we would then have an Islamic blasphemy law.


Labour says that it will reform gambling legislation to reduce gambling-related harms which we would welcome. It promises to “ensure that the next generation can never legally buy cigarettes.”

It also says that it is “committed to replacing the House of Lords with an alternative second chamber that is more representative of the regions and nations.” This would be a very significant constitutional change, possibly distancing parliament further from its Christian heritage.


Labour wants to make gender transition easier and wants to ban ‘conversion practices’. While life issues are not mentioned in the manifesto, it is very likely that they will come up in the next parliament. There is little support for family, and no support for marriage. The influence of Islam on the Labour Party is becoming more and more evident. This manifesto is far from recovering Christian values and principles in our nation.

We need to pray for our candidates and their parties. Do join us for our weekly prayer meetings and the prayer rally on the eve of the election. Do also question your candidates on the issues that matter to you. This is your chance to make your views heard.

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