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‘My story of persecution is sadly just one among many in the UK’

Rev. Dr Bernard Randall spoke at a recent online conference hosted by the Observatory of Intolerance Against Christians in Europe (OIDAC). Their most recent report has revealed that the UK is one of the most intolerant European countries towards Christians. Bernard’s story is sadly one of many similar cases of intolerance towards Christians in the ...

9 December 2021   Articles

Christian convert faces deportation to Iranian persecution

An Iranian Christian, whose bid for asylum has already been twice rejected, is facing the prospect of imprisonment, torture and separation from his English wife and child if the Home Office rejects his application again. Reza Karkah, 38, now lives in Bradford with his wife Leigh and four-year-old daughter Bonnie. Having re-launched his bid for ...

17 February 2020   Articles

Contact Foreign Office about Christian persecution

An independent review of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) support for persecuted Christians has revealed that the FCO has been discriminating against Christians. Read our article for an explanation of this conclusion. Take action: Please ask the FCO to respond to the review by increasing its support for persecuted Christians. You can contact the ...

19 July 2019   Articles

Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister

Tim Dieppe, our Head of Public Policy, assesses what it means for Britain to have its first Hindu Prime Minister. The appointment of Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister is a historic moment in the history of Great Britain. Is this something to celebrate or lament? A Christian country? There can be no doubt that the ...

26 October 2022   Articles

Scots ‘conversion practices’ ban proposals worst so far

Policy Researcher Dr Carys Moseley comments on the new proposals in Scotland to ban ‘conversion practices’. Proposals for ending ‘LGBT conversion practices’ in Scotland were published last Tuesday by an Expert Panel advising the Scottish government. The report assumes a radical misinterpretation of children’s rights and denies that its recommendations infringe religious freedom and freedom ...

7 October 2022   Articles

Rallying evangelical teachers

Our education system appears to be expelling Jesus from our schools, all the while embracing a ‘gospel’ that is further and further away from truth and love. If you are a Christian teacher, then you’re invited to join us online with PGNET to discuss: the present spiritual state of our schools; the current anti-God curriculum; ...

15 August 2022   Events

Prayer guide for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

At her Coronation on 2 June 1952, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was asked: “Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will ...

2 June 2022   Articles

Professing Christians should stop sacralising the trans cult

Christian Concern’s policy researcher Carys Moseley comments on the recent letter from senior church leaders which stated that being transgender is “to enter a sacred journey.” Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury has followed the lead of Steve Chalke in demanding that the government bans ‘trans conversion therapy’. Steve Chalke originally organised a letter ...

8 April 2022   Articles

The sin of syncretism: why we repeat the mistakes of the Biblical kings

Wilberforce Academy Director Joe Boot challenges the Church to rid itself of the secular worldview that it has accepted into its teaching of the gospel. I read an article this week reflecting on an incident so thick with irony it was almost impossible to believe: the University of Northampton has placed a content warning on ...

2 February 2022   Articles

Victory for Christian nurse sacked for wearing cross

The Employment Tribunal has today released a landmark judgment ruling that an NHS Trust harassed and directly discriminated against a Christian nurse for wearing a cross at work. Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Mary Onuoha, was told by the tribunal that she had been victimised by Croydon Health Services NHS Trust following the grievance ...

5 January 2022   Articles

Christian nurse sacked for wearing cross necklace wins legal case

In a landmark ruling, an Employment Tribunal has ruled that an NHS Trust harassed and directly discriminated against a Christian nurse for wearing a cross necklace at work.

5 January 2022   Press Office

The limits of civil obedience: the meaning of Romans 13

Our Wilberforce Academy Director Rev. Dr Joe Boot explores the meaning of Romans 13 in the context of Covid restrictions. “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of ...

15 December 2021   Articles

Of terrorists and Islamophobes: a Christian terrorist?

Christian Concern’s Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe, comments on the news that the Liverpool suicide bomber was a Christian convert. Following the release of the name of the suicide bomber in Liverpool, the headlines of several major newspapers blasted out that he was a Christian convert. This is quite a novelty – a Christian ...

17 November 2021   Articles

The religious experience of Covid and the limitless power of the state

Wilberforce Academy Director Rev. Dr Joe Boot explains what lies at the heart of the state’s response to the pandemic. By any reckoning, the events of 2020 and 2021 have been at once tragic, deeply disturbing, and far-reaching in scope and implication. A kind of paradigm shift has taken place while millions of us were ...

5 November 2021   Articles

Nigel and Sally Rowe: ‘True love warns – it speaks the truth’

Communications Officer Rebekah Moffett sits down with Nigel and Sally Rowe to find out more about their case, their hopes and expectations, and to find out what they’ve been up to in the four years since first bringing their case to the media’s attention. Not for the first time, I’m sat down with Nigel and ...

15 October 2021   Articles

Government ‘treats UK Christians differently to Christians abroad’

Christian nurse Mary Onuoha is challenging a London NHS Trust after facing repeated pressure to remove or cover up her cross and being ‘treated like a criminal’. The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska speaks to Revelation TV about her case and the general increase in discrimination against Christians in the UK. He comments: “Over the ...

12 October 2021   Articles

Children at risk if Welsh Government bans ‘conversion therapy’ 

The Welsh Government is consulting on its LGBTQ+ Action Plan, which includes a commitment to ban ‘conversion therapy’. Children would be included in this ban, and it is proposed that it would apply everywhere including in religious settings, i.e. churches. Parental rights and responsibilities are ignored completely in the relevant documentation.   We are monitoring the situation and will ...

24 September 2021   Articles

Free-speech defender apologises for hosting our Wilberforce Academy

An Oxford college led by the former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has reportedly capitulated to student activism by ‘apologising’ for hosting a Christian conference. Worcester College, Oxford, where David Isaac has been Provost since July 2021, is said to have apologised unreservedly to students for allowing the Wilberforce Academy, an initiative ...

22 September 2021   Articles

Free-speech defender capitulates in face of Oxford student protest

An Oxford college led by the former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has reportedly capitulated to student activism by ‘apologising’ for hosting a Christian conference.

22 September 2021   Press Office

Church in Wales votes to bless same-sex ‘marriages’

Carys Moseley writes on the Church in Wales’ vote on same-sex ‘marriage’ blessings and its abandonment of Christian teachings on sexuality On Monday 6 September, the Church in Wales voted to allow its clergy to bless same-sex ‘marriages’ and civil partnerships. This was not entirely unexpected given the decline of Christian doctrine and ethics within ...

10 September 2021   Articles

MPs and Lords highlight danger for Christians in Afghanistan

The recent withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has put Christians in particular danger, as the Taliban seize power. The House of Commons and the House of Lords were recalled this week to discuss the crisis, with a number of MPs and peers highlighting the particular plight of Christians. Jeffery Donaldson, leader of the DUP highlighted ...

20 August 2021   Articles

Stopping the Newham call to prayer

A guest post from an anonymous resident of Newham. It is May 2020, the airy summer breeze flows and all is serene. Suddenly, Islamic religious proselytisation is rung in the airwaves, disrupting the peaceful stillness. Residents within the vicinity of the mosques producing this sound can hear the Arabic tune as it pierces through the ...

24 June 2021   Articles

Is Islam antisemitic?

Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern’s Head of Public Policy, explores the links between Islam and antisemitism. Antisemitism on the rise in the UK There has been a notable increase in incidents of antisemitism in the UK in recent months. Last month I reported how a member of a mob openly said in front of police officers ...

17 June 2021   Articles

Moving forward with Christ in a post-Covid, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ world

Rev. Melvin Tinker, former vicar of St John Newland and Director of Theology for the Christ Church Network in Hull, speaks on how the Church can move forward in a post-Covid world. This talk was originally published on the St John Newland YouTube channel and has been republished with permission. Watch the talk, or read ...

15 June 2021   Articles
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