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The rest of the world is watching as freedom of religion is eroded in the West

Dr Martin Parsons, an independent consultant on the global persecution of Christians, comments on the closure of churches during the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on freedom of religion. On 23 March, the UK government announced a lockdown, including the first legal closure of churches by the government since Magna Carta. For a nation which ...

15 October 2020   Articles

On the brink: the criminalisation of Christianity in Canada

Wilberforce Academy Director and Head of Public Theology Rev. Dr Joe Boot comments on how Christian freedoms have been eroding in the West. The Lord Jesus Christ declared, “if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). And the apostle Paul wrote, “It is for freedom, that Christ has set us ...

1 October 2020   Articles

Freedom, the Church and state absolutism

Rev. Dr Joe Boot, Christian Concern’s Head of Public Theology and Director of the Wilberforce Academy, discusses the relationship of church and state, and what biblical law in new covenant world ought to look like. The plight of the church in the United Kingdom has had increased visibility in the last couple of weeks as ...

15 July 2020   Articles

The way is shut: evangelical silence and the illusion of virtual Church

The Rev. Dr Joe Boot, Wilberforce Academy Director and Christian Concern’s Head of Public Theology, comments on how ‘virtual church’ in lockdown can never replace physical fellowship. If a recent Evangelical Alliance (EA) article by Danny Webster entitled, ‘The Media Have it Wrong. Churches are not rushing to reopen their Doors,’ first published by Premier ...

28 May 2020   Articles

Ramadan in lockdown

Tim Dieppe comments on how the media has addressed the Muslim festival of Ramadan during lockdown. Ramadan started on Thursday 23 April this year and will continue to Saturday 23 May. Fasting in Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. During this period, devout Muslims are expected to fast from all eating and ...

28 April 2020   Articles

Is the UK government stepping back from transgender politics?

Carys Moseley comments on the government’s plans for transgender politics during the coronavirus crisis. On Wednesday, Liz Truss the Minister for Women and Equalities told the Women and Equalities Committee of the House of Commons her priorities for the Government Equalities Office. Her priorities are (1) reshaping the GEO to bring it closer to the ...

24 April 2020   Articles

Holy week and the coronavirus

Pastor Jon Hobbs (Grace Church, Haywards Heath) reflects on the coronavirus crisis in the light of Holy Week There can be a degree of spin to Palm Sunday. We rejoice in the humility of the King who brings peace to Judah in Zechariah 9:9-12, but conveniently omit that he will achieve it through the destruction ...

6 April 2020   Articles

Prayer guide for coronavirus

Christians have the great privilege and responsibility of prayer. We are not helpless in the face of catastrophes but have access to the God who reigns over all, through Jesus Christ our Mediator. So as God’s people we must call out to him, interceding as the coronavirus spreads around the world and as governments and ...

17 March 2020   Articles

Trevor Phillips and the Islamophobia indictment

Tim Dieppe comments on the suspension of Trevor Phillips from the Labour Party. Former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, claims to have: “introduced the term ‘Islamophobia’ to British politics by commissioning the Runnymead Trust’s 1997 report on the issue.” Now the proliferation of this term and its proposed definition as ...

10 March 2020   Articles

Are Christians persecuted in the UK?

Owing the the coronavirus pandemic, this seminar will no longer take place at our offices but will be an online event. To join us on Monday, you’ll need two links to YouTube: 1. Our seminar begins at 8pm: 2. Our live Q&A session begins at 8.35pm: Tip – make sure you’ve got a ...

6 April 2020   Events

Kristie wins hearts at Free Speech Union launch

Tim Dieppe reports on the launch of the Free Speech Union This week saw the launch of a new initiative to defend free speech. The Free Speech Union (FSU) has been set up by journalist Toby Young in order to help protect and support people who suffer in the work place or the public square ...

28 February 2020   Articles

Insider story: ‘how I’m trusting God for my asylum’

Rebekah Moffett, communications officer at Christian Concern, sits down to talk with Reza Karkah, a Christian asylum-seeker who, if deported to Iran, could face imprisonment, torture and even death. Reza Karkah and his wife Leigh Riley are not what you’d expect from two people facing the prospect of life-long separation, with the threat imprisonment, torture ...

20 February 2020   Articles

Reza Karkhah

Reza faces the possibility of persecution in Iran after his application for asylum was rejected by the Home Office, which claimed he had 'fabricated' his faith.

17 February 2020   Cases

Why is it easier for Islamists to claim asylum than persecuted Christians?

Dr Martin Parsons is an independent consultant on freedom of religion or belief specialising in the global persecution of Christians and has written a witness statement for Reza Karkah. Mention persecution of Christians and most people rightly assume that this is a problem in countries such as Iran or Saudi Arabia or even Pakistan. While ...

17 February 2020   Articles

Christian convert fears for his life due to anti-Christian bias in Home Office

A Christian asylum seeker who faces the prospect of imprisonment, torture and separation from his English wife and child because of his faith has re-launched his bid for asylum to the Home Office. Mr Reza Karkah, 38 from Bradford, has good reason to believe he would be executed by authorities and exposed to vigilante violence ...

16 February 2020   Press Office

Trans rights judgment forces us to lie about sex

Carys Moseley comments on the recent Employment Appeal judgment that ruled that belief that biological sex cannot be changed is not a philosophical belief protected by the Equality Act. This week a judge in an employment tribunal ruled against Maya Forstater, a tax expert at the Centre for Global Development, who defended her right to ...

19 December 2019   Articles

Responding to the Conservative manifesto

The Conservative manifesto, released over the weekend, contains no policy proposals on liberalising abortion, gender self-declaration, or no-fault divorce. This sets the Conservatives apart from the other two main parties, both of which have extreme proposals on abortion and gender self-declaration, and both of which propose to introduce unilateral destruction of families through no-fault divorce. Same-Sex ...

28 November 2019   Articles

Christian Concern responds to Conservative manifesto

The Conservative manifesto, released over the weekend, contains no policy proposals on liberalising abortion, gender self-declaration, or no-fault divorce. This sets the Conservatives apart from the other two main parties, both of which have extreme proposals on abortion and gender self-declaration, and both of which propose to introduce unilateral destruction of families through no-fault divorce. ...

28 November 2019   Press Office

Red Wednesday and freedom of religion or belief

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, President of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue, comments on ‘Red Wednesday’, a campaign to highlight the persecution that many face the world over for their faith. This article can also be found on Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali’s OXTRAD website. Passers-by may be surprised to see some of our most ...

26 November 2019   Articles

Why not to use ‘Christophobia’

The following article is adapted from Christian Concern’s response to the Foreign Affairs Committee’s Human rights: Freedom of religion and belief, and human rights defenders inquiry. You can read the full response here. One of the recommendations of the Bishop of Truro’s Independent Review for the Foreign Secretary of FCO Support for Persecuted Christians was ...

18 September 2019   Articles

‘Foreign Office discriminates against Christians’

The Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, commissioned the Bishop of Truro to produce an independent review into global persecution of Christians and the quality of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) response to it. The review was published on 8 July.

10 July 2019   Articles

Appeasement, compromise and silence in a D-Day for the Church

Wilberforce Academy Director, Dr Joe Boot, comments on the state of the nation and where we have gone since the Britain of the 1930s and 40s. Sadly, he says, with eroding freedoms and emptying churches, “the heart and soul of the nation [has become] disease-ridden, on life-support and on the edge of extinction.” How will ...

14 June 2019   Articles

Unique resource explores spread of Christian faith in Britain since the Reformation

Academics and Christians with an interest in the spread of the Christian faith in Britain since the Reformation are to be offered a unique resource following the launch tomorrow (Thursday 29 June) of the first volume in a new four-volume work.

28 June 2017   Press Office

University accused of ‘appalling double standards’ over LGBT, Islam and Christian beliefs

A Christian student has accused Sheffield University of "appalling double standards" in its decision to expel him from a social work course after he expressed his Christian beliefs on Facebook. Felix Ngole, 39, of Barnsley, made the accusation after new evidence was submitted to a Judicial Review hearing today (Tuesday 3 October) at the High Court in London.

3 October 2017   Press Office
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