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Christian Legal Centre steps in for a last-ditch legal battle to save Alfie Evans – and transport him to a foreign hospital

10 April 2018

The parents of 23-months-old Alfie Evans, currently on life support at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, have engaged the support of Christian Legal Centre for the last-ditch stand to prevent their son’s death in hospital.

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Christian preacher arrested in Barking for hate speech has charges dropped

20 March 2018

Christian Legal Centre client, Pastor David Lynn, was released on Wednesday (21 March) without charge after being arrested outside Barking Tube Station on 20 March 2018 for preaching the gospel.

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Christian magistrate asks trial judge to be removed for her perceived bias

12 February 2018

A Christian magistrate has today asked for the trial judge in his case - Heather Williams QC - to remove herself from his case because of her perceived bias and her involvement in the previous case of Celestina Mba.

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Veteran Christian Scout dismissed for challenging growing promotion of Islam in British Scouting

11 February 2018

A Christian who has dedicated a lifetime to the Scout Movement has been barred from membership for writing to the movement’s official magazine expressing his concern that the charity was moving away from its Christian roots.

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Group to protest Vue Cinema ban of ex-gay film

8 February 2018

A group will peacefully meet at 6.30pm tonight (8 February 2018) to protest the Vue Cinema decision to cancel the private premiere of Voices of the Silenced - a documentary film which tells the story of people who've moved away from same-sex attraction, feelings and behaviours.

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