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BPAS extends controversial telemed abortion service to Northern Ireland

9 April 2020

Today (April 9) the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has announced the extension of its controversial telemedical service in a bid to push their extreme abortion policies to women in Northern Ireland.

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Christian Concern to launch legal challenge to government’s anti-democratic double U-turn on abortion

1 April 2020

Christian Concern announces that it will mount a legal challenge to the government’s decision to permit DIY abortions.

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Government to put thousands of women at risk after double U-turn on DIY abortions

31 March 2020

The government has last night (March 30) undertaken an incredible double U-turn by announcing the most significant change to abortion law since 1967.

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Coronavirus exploited by enemies of democracy

25 March 2020

Pavel Stroilov is a political exile of Putin’s Russia, having fled to the UK after his research as a historian put his life and liberty at risk. He then studied law at King’s College London and University of Law. He works as a legal consultant for Christian Legal Centre, and now gives his perspective on ...

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Extreme back-door abortion policy pushed through by government goes unnoticed in midst of pandemic crisis

23 March 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic escalates, this afternoon the government has announced the biggest change to abortion provision since 1967, without any public consultation, parliamentary scrutiny or debate. The Department for Health and Social Care announced on Twitter on Monday 23 March that it would be introducing telemedicine abortions. This will see ‘DIY’ abortions performed on women ...

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