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Government says “Must stay gay”

3 July 2018

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern, responds to the government’s proposal to ban therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction.

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Core Issues Trust Statement on Proposed Restrictions on Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

2 July 2018

Core Issues Trust provides a space for individuals to safely explore their sexual attraction fluidity issues. Clients have different goals, and as with any therapeutic process, outcomes vary. Some clients, seeking viable and meaningful relationships with the opposite sex, find the capacity for that.

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Christian Concern welcomes GAFCON’s Letter to the Churches – upholding the true gospel

22 June 2018

Delegates at the Global Anglican Future Conference in Jerusalem (attended by 1,950 representatives) have agreed to a ‘letter to the Churches’ – which courageously calls on the Anglican communion, particularly the Archbishop of Canterbury as its leader, to reaffirm the clear teaching of the Bible in line with historical Anglican orthodoxy.

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Decision of Supreme Court to dismiss abortion case marred by judicial activism

7 June 2018

The Supreme Court has today rejected the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission's appeal over the legality of the abortion law in Northern Ireland. However, a narrow majority of judges said that the current law breaches article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which expresses the right of an individual to have their private and family life respected.

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Humanity, not politics should guide today’s abortion debate

5 June 2018

Stella Creasy MP has been granted an emergency debate in Parliament today at 12.30pm which, in effect, proposes the decriminalisation of abortion up to birth.

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