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Government to face Judicial Review on ‘DIY’ home abortions at Court of Appeal

23 July 2020

On Wednesday 29 July via a Court of Appeal remote hearing, the government will face a judicial review on its decision to allow women to have medical abortions at home during UK lockdown with only a phone or video consultation.

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Church leaders welcome end to church restrictions

17 July 2020

The government’s new regulations for the full reopening of churches, which allows churches to hold services, exactly mirror the requests of the 25 church leaders who had written to the government urging that churches be allowed to reopen without further legal restrictions.

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DIY abortion judicial review proceeds as govt says ‘temporary’ measure will remain

7 July 2020

Christian Concern's legal challenge of the government's decision to allow DIY abortions is to be heard by the Court of Appeal on 28 or 29 July.

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Extreme abortion amendment must be defeated as more abuses exposed

6 July 2020

Ahead of radical amendments delivered by MPs today in parliament that could result in the UK having the most extreme abortion law in Europe, a mystery client study has proven that women can obtain and administer dangerous 'DIY' abortion pills in breach of healthcare regulations.

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Undercover investigation exposes ‘DIY’ abortion service as unsafe and crossing legal boundaries

4 July 2020

A nationwide undercover investigation has revealed abortion providers breaking the law and putting pregnant women at serious risk through their ‘DIY’ abortion telemedicine services.

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