Trans-promoting school resources awarded over £400k by National Lottery

6 October 2023

Head of Education Steve Beegoo writes about a lottery grant made to a group promoting LGBT ideology in schools

Just Like Us, the LGBT charity which claims to be in over 6,000 schools, has just been awarded over £400,000 by the National Lottery.

We exposed the curriculum which Just Like Us and their allies have been using in primary schools recently.

As Stonewall was once received without thought into many schools, now Just Like Us seem to be welcomed with open arms to provide ‘sex-positive’ and gender identity theory-promoting resources and lessons.

On its website the charity explains, “The £435,250 grant over three years from The National Lottery Community Fund, which distributes money raised by National Lottery players to good causes, will enable Just Like Us to transform the Pride Groups programme into an initiative supporting approximately 16,000 LGBT+ young people and allies across 1,600 secondary schools in England and Wales.”

Targeting children from faith backgrounds

One of the main targets for this group are children from faith backgrounds.

Through a series of video testimonies, Just Like Us materials seek to promote what it is like to be an ‘LGBT+ person of faith’. The aim is to influence school children that LGBT identities can be seen as readily compatible with the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths.

In Religious Education lessons, they show children the stories of:

  • Ruth, who identifies as a ‘non-binary lesbian’ and a ‘Christian’;
  • Taliya, a ‘bisexual woman’ who is Jewish;
  • Sam who is Muslim and gay.

This is now being financed by players of the lottery.

‘I wanted to form my own belief’

With no mention of the Bible, Ruth says in her testimony that: ‘I wanted to form my own belief’ on human sexuality…

Slides for this part of the material say: “We hope the videos will encourage young people to empathise with our ambassadors, and to see the different ways in which it is possible to be an LGBT+ person of faith.”

Other resources include videos produced by an interfaith panel which ask ‘Can you be a person of faith and LGBT+?’ and videos on ‘What does Judaism say about LGBT+ identities?

With this new funding, thousands more children and young people will undoubtedly receive this training.

Pride groups

If you are ever tempted to play the National Lottery, it is worth being aware that they fund such groups. The developing of ‘Pride Groups’ in every school is a key part of trans campaigners’ strategy to bring a ‘queer’ understanding of life to children and young people. Using student leaders who are trained through these resources, many young people are encouraged to take on an identity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, non-binary or trans as they become young adults. Research is showing these identities are being owned more and more by our 16-24 year olds, with the trajectory being that 1 in 4 will identify as LG or B by 2026. Schools are supporting this rise.

Biblical views disdained

While schools are persuaded to focus significant resources and effort to make sure all members of the school community become ‘allies’ of the LGBT+ cause, children and young people who do not align in their beliefs or who wish to disagree are being increasingly sidelined and their more traditional views excluded or their faith-based perspectives publicly disdained.

Children and young people who do not align to the ideology promoted by groups such as Just Like Us can face victimisation and bullying. Many parents have contacted us raising these concerns. Last year, a sixth former was driven out of her school with such bullying.

Our many cases demonstrate the rise of this ideology in many schools. Please pray for successful outcomes for ‘Hannah’, Bernard Randall, Izzy Montague, Kristie Higgs, and Joshua Sutcliffe.

We need your prayers and financial support as we seek to stand against the well-financed groups opposed to the truths of the Bible about the right place for sexual expression and the reality that God has made us male and female.

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