Free to change – say ‘no’ to a ‘conversion therapy’ ban

3 December 2021

The government has promised to ban what it calls ‘conversion therapy’. You can find lots more of our resources below to help you understand why this proposed ban is unnecessary.

The deadline to respond to the government’s consultation on the proposed ban has been extended to Friday 4 February 2022please respond as soon as you can. You can use our guide to help you.

It is important for Christians to oppose this ban in principle and to point out the problems with its proposals.

The government has promised a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ – a very broad term covering attempts to change or control sexual feelings or gender identity.

This is unnecessary. Genuinely harmful therapies or practices are already illegal and/or not practised in the UK. The only exception is medicalised transgenderism, which is demonstrably harmful but wouldn’t be affected by a ban.

But more importantly it is unsafe. A ban on legitimate talking therapies, pastoral support and prayer (which is what anti-‘conversion therapy’ campaigners want), would be totalitarian in scope by banning consensual conversations and remove all access for people struggling with their sexuality or gender identity to the support they want.

The government is currently consulting on how to implement a ban.

It is important for Christians to oppose this ban in principle and to point out the problems with its proposals.

Say no to a ban

Please respond to the consultation by 4 February 2022. Our guide will help you understand the consultation and make some of the important points.

If it helps, below you can find links and basic summaries to articles, videos and stories explaining the many problems with banning ‘conversion therapy’. You don’t need to read or watch them all – but you can certainly use them to help you understand the problems with a ‘conversion therapy’ ban in more depth.

Reactions, reports and comments on the consultation


The real evidence about therapy, harm and change

Christian Concern helped the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC) host a scientific symposium on the evidence the government has relied on to call for a ban.
Some of the videos are now available in high quality:

To see the other sessions, you can watch the livestreams from the event on the IFTCC YouTube channel:

  • Watch part one: including explanations of the scientific evidence for change-allowing therapy and the damage of transition affirming therapy.
  • Watch part two: including further scientific analysis, testimony from experienced pastoral counsellors and analysis of the legal implications of a ban.

You can also read Christian Today’s report on the symposium.

Stories of change

Change is not impossible – in fact, with God, all things are possible.

  • Our friends at X-Out-Loud tell the powerful stories of how they experienced change, moving away from LGBT identities.
  • Changed Movement tells the stories of many more men and women who’ve experienced significant change in their attractions and behaviours having found freedom in Christ.
  • Read an interview with Sam Salter to find out what changed his mind about being ‘born gay’ and hear his experiences of receiving counselling for same-sex attraction.
  • Watch the testimony of James Parker, a former gay rights campaigner who left homosexuality behind after receiving counselling.
  • Read Pete Benjamin‘s testimony of finding freedom from transgenderism through the support of his church after seven years of living as a ‘woman’.
  • Tranzformed: Finding Peace With Your God-Given Gender is a documentary telling the stories of fifteen ex-transgender individuals.
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