Former gay rights activist’s amazing testimony of ‘conversion therapy’

8 September 2020

Aged 17 years, James Parker came out as gay. It was the 1980s, and James became very active in campaigning for gay rights in the UK, believing he was ‘born gay’. Living as a gay man, in a long term relationship, his faith in God grew – although he dismissed passages of the Bible that suggested his lifestyle was sinful. But after receiving therapy, he began to uncover truths about his past – and understand why he was seeking love in another man.

James had suppressed memories of childhood sexual abuse from a teacher (who has since been convicted). He realised that what he was looking for in his boyfriend was something that he would never find. His transformation ever since is truly remarkable: loving and truly following God, helping others in similar situations.

His story happened because, in therapy sessions, James was allowed to explore his sexuality and receive help with untangling his feelings and attractions. But two regional governments in Australia have already banned any such help, putting severe penalties on anyone providing such therapy, or even travelling elsewhere to access it. James recently wrote for the Caldron Pool explaining how damaging these laws are.

The UK government, under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, wants to do just the same. He wants to stop two consenting people from talking together. It would be ridiculous if it weren’t sinister and totalitarian. And Barclays Bank has shut the bank accounts of Core Issues Trust – one of the main sources of help for people with same-sex attraction.

James joined us on our weekly livestream, Round the Table, last week to share his story and explain these new laws in Australia (where he now lives). His testimony is a truly amazing story of transformation – extremely dark in places, but showing the light of Christ ever brighter.

The full discussion is astonishing, enlightening and encouraging in equal measures – just be aware that it does refer to childhood sexual abuse.

You can watch it in full below.

Please pray for James, for Australia, for Core Issues Trust and for the UK government. Pray that whatever the government’s intention, help will remain for those who are unsatisfied with their same-sex attraction or behaviours.

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