Stories of the light of Jesus at the heart of society

15 December 2020

Christian Concern’s chief executive, Andrea Williams, introduces you to our Let Justice Shine series.

God delights in justice.

I find that amazingly motivating.

Pursuing justice is often hard work. When justice is done, it pleases God and blesses society.

At Christian Concern, we have the honour of seeking justice. Sometimes there are breakthroughs, sometimes there are setbacks. But whatever happens we keep pursuing justice.

Recently, I was encouraged by this testimony from someone we helped:

“I have never had an Advocate before, and it has been an unexpectedly moving experience. To have someone more knowledgeable than I, standing with me, supporting me and pleading my case, has given me a deeper revelation of Christ’s advocacy. It has helped me to realise afresh that God is for us. Thank you so much.”

It is a privilege to stand with those in need and contend for them. It makes such a difference. There are so many stories that I could share. Here are just five. I hope that they give you an insight into the importance of seeking justice; in God’s strength and for his glory.

We covet your prayers and support for this vital work.

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