Let Justice Shine – Richard

15 December 2020

God delights in justice. As part of our Let Justice Shine series, we’re telling the stories of several people we’ve supported through the Christian Legal Centre and cases we’ve taken on, seeking and pursuing Godly justice.

Richard had served as a magistrate for 15 years.

In 2014, he found himself on a panel considering the proposed adoption of a child by a same-sex couple. He was clear that his legal duty was to prioritise the best interests of the child.

Having considered the evidence and listened carefully to the details, Richard indicated that he couldn’t support the adoption. He didn’t believe that it was the best option for the child. During deliberations, he expressed his belief that children do best with a mum and a dad, wherever possible.

After the hearing, a complaint was made about Richard. He was reprimanded and required to undergo ‘equality training’.

Richard’s story attracted media attention. During a BBC interview, for example, he explained what had happened to him. But this prompted further investigation, and he was dismissed as a magistrate.

Yet things were to get worse still. Richard also served as a non-executive director of an NHS trust.

But following one complaint about Richard’s beliefs about family, he was suspended from his non-executive role and then blocked from returning. Richard’s role had nothing to do with those beliefs, and he had over 20 years’ experience as an NHS finance director.

But he was still pushed out.

Richard explains:

“My desire to do the best for the child has been the paramount consideration throughout my time as a magistrate on the family panel. Yet by living out this belief, I have been drawn into a much bigger battle about my freedom, and the freedom of Christians more broadly, to express biblical truth in the public square.”

We have been supporting Richard for over six years, and we continue to help him seek justice, most recently (in November 2020) at the Court of Appeal.

Please pray for Richard and for a victory for freedom of conscience and expression.

At Christian Concern, we have the honour of seeking justice. As we approach Christmas, we are reminded once more of the message of King Jesus – that his ways are good for individuals and for society.
This advent, will you help us stand for justice?
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