General Election 2019

15 November 2019

The period leading up to any election is an excellent opportunity to testify to God’s pattern for humanity and power for salvation.

It’s compassionate to speak up. It flows from our love for God and love for neighbour.

How you use your voice during the election season is at least as important as how you vote.

There are certain issues that quickly reveal whether a society recognises or rejects the reality that we are made in God’s image. It is vital that Christians speak out on them, even if others want to bury them.

In the run up to the general election on 12 December, we will be making resources available on this page to help you use your voice at election time.

Election Policy Proposals

Our Election Policy Proposals are ten commitments that an incoming government could make to better protect freedom, life and family, for the good of all. Why not ask your candidates about their views on them?

The Good Question Guide

The Good Question Guide is designed to be downloaded and printed, to be ready in a pinch if candidates knock on your door. It provides facts, talking points and questions that help you use your voice when speaking to canvassers or at a local hustings.

Download The Good Question Guide

The Election Prayer Guide

You can use our Election Prayer Guide to help shape and inform your prayers for the upcoming General Election. Work through it at your own pace, share it with your church and pray that God would be honoured in this election.

Download a printable version.


We will be analysing manifestos and tracking promises made by parties and candidates – as well as giving Christian viewpoints on events of the campaign. Read more at the links below:

Other links

Who can I vote for? is a website that gives you information and contact details of the candidates in your constituency. It’s an excellent way to find out what your candidates stand for and to ask them some of the questions in our Good Questions Guide.

Matthew Roberts has written an excellent four-part series, reflecting on how Christians should engage with the election:

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