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7 February 2020

Our culture is immersed in sexual immorality and often blind to it. It can no longer see straight when it comes to God’s pattern for sexual expression.

That’s one of the reasons why we put on our Championing Sexual Purity in a Pornographic Age conference, which challenged us not only to confront the issues we face but also to do something that makes a difference.

In January 2020, we put on a two-day conference, with eight different sessions and two devotionals. You can listen to all of the talks in full below, complete with the slides and handouts.


Devotional 1 – Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali


Session 1: How we got here: the sexual revolution – Andrea Williams

Download the slides


Session 2: The philosophical foundations of pornography – Rev. Dr Joe Boot

Download the slides


Session 3: What is a sex addiction? – Gary McFarlane

Download the slides

Handout – Errors of Christian Counsellors of Sex Addiction

Handout – Pastors and Sex Addiction

Handout – Couple Recovery from Sexual Addiction

Handout – Professional Help for Partners

Handout – What is EMDR?

Handout – Female Partners of Sex EMDR

Handout – Female Partners Information Sheet


Session 4: Bringing hope and healing for sex addictions – Elisha Kolade

Download the slides


Devotional 2 – Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali


Session 5: There’s no such thing as ‘naughty harmless fun’ – Dr Lisa Nolland

Download the slides


Session 6: What can the church do? – Michael Phillips

Download the slides


Session 7: Q&A panel – all speakers


Session 8: Promoting purity – Ade Omooba MBE

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