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Christian prison worker loses appeal over quoting Bible in chapel service

2 August 2017

A Christian prison worker who felt he had no option but to resign after being disciplined for quoting from the Bible during a prison chapel service, has lost his appeal against an Employment Tribunal's ruling that the prison was right to discipline him.

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Christian Magistrate taking legal action against NHS for dismissal over family views

1 August 2017

A Christian who was dismissed as a magistrate by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice, after expressing his view that it was in a child’s best interests to be raised by a mother and a father, is taking legal action after being blocked from returning to his role as an NHS Trust director.

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Christian Legal Centre files new case to the European Court of Human Rights

28 July 2017

On the same day that the Supreme Court has ruled that Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful as they create a chilling effect on access to justice, the Christian Legal Centre has filed a claim to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of pro-life campaigner Aisling Hubert, and the prohibitive costs she suffered as a result of her private prosecution.

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Extremism is in the eye of the beholder, survey finds

17 July 2017

A new survey by ComRes, commissioned by Christian Concern and other Christian organisations, shows that there is widespread confusion and diverging opinions on the definition of extremism.

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Disability rights campaigners to demonstrate with giant puppet display during Conway’s High Court assisted suicide bid

16 July 2017

Two disability rights campaigners will demonstrate during Noel Conway’s High Court bid for legalised assisted suicide on Monday 17 July, conveying the message that this would undermine the dignity of human life and put vulnerable lives at risk.

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