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Christian student takes university to court for expulsion from social work course over views on sexuality

24 April 2017

A Christian student who was removed from a social work course after expressing his views on marriage and sexual ethics is challenging his university's decision to dismiss him.

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Employment Tribunal Judge: Don’t express anything about your own beliefs in the workplace

30 March 2017

An employment tribunal judge has said that "people should not express anything about their own beliefs without it first being raised as a question by someone else".

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Employment Tribunal to hear case of Christian nurse fired for talking about faith

29 March 2017

The Employment Tribunal will this week (Thursday 30 March) hear the case of a Christian nurse dismissed by the NHS after she spoke to patients about her faith, and occasionally offered prayer.

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The CJEU ruling media storm is much ado about nothing

15 March 2017

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, responds to the Court of Justice of the European Union's ruling on religious symbols

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Street preachers convicted for quoting Bible in ‘modern day heresy trial’

28 February 2017

Two street preachers have been convicted of public order offences, after a public prosecutor claimed that quoting parts of the King James Bible in the context of modern British society "must be considered to be abusive and is a criminal matter".

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