We must stop ‘absolutely crazy’ gender identity ideology Tim Dieppe tells LBC

20 June 2023

Our head of public policy, Tim Dieppe, explains to LBC Radio’s why we must put a stop to the “utter confusion and nonsense” that is being caused by gender identity ideology in schools.

His comments follow the exposure of a teacher at a Church of England school branding a child as “despicable” and giving them a detention for not affirming another pupil’s identity as a cat.


Our chief executive, Andrea Williams, told the Mail how this insidious ideology isn’t just having a negative impact on children but is also impacting teachers and other schools workers too.

Hannah (not her real name) worked for seven years at a school with no issues before losing her job for raising safeguarding concerns over the social transition of a pupil in her class.

Despite an exemplary record as a maths teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe was banned from teaching for ‘misgendering’ a pupil.

The Christian Legal Centre is supporting Hannah, Joshua and many others teachers. Please remember them in your prayers and that the upcoming transgender guidance for schools would exonerate them.

20 June 2023

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