‘I’ve had the best twelve years of my life with Archie’: Mother speaks to BBC

19 August 2022

“I’m so honoured to be his Mum. I’ve had the best twelve years of my life with that little boy. I can honestly say, there’s not a single day that I could sit back now and say, ‘Oh I regret that day’. I’ve had the best twelve years.”

Archie’s mother, Hollie Dance, speaks to BBC News after the death of her son, saying she wants no other family to go through what they had to go through: “I just feel that we were stripped of all our rights. We were backed into a corner by the system and, I’ve explained it before, it felt like we were on trial. The stress that you go through, change is needed.

“The whole system needs to be changed in regards to how they’re dealing with a very sensitive, heartbreaking time when it comes to parents. I understand this is a case to them but it’s our child. 

“I fought to the end. I promised my little boy I’d fight to the end and that’s exactly what I’d done. Now, I’ll continue to fight so that other people don’t have to go through that.”

18 August 2022
BBC News

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