Archie Battersbee

After less than a month in hospital, doctors say that it is in 12-year-old Archie Battersbee’s ‘best interests’ to die, but Archie’s family believe he could wake up and want to keep fighting for his life.


Archie Battersbee’s mother and father want to give Archie every chance at life after he was found unconscious with a ligature around his neck in what is believed to be a tragic accident in early 2022. Archie is now in a critical condition at the Royal London Hospital.

Doctors believe it is ‘highly likely’ that Archie is already brain dead and have asked the Family Division of the High Court to rule that it is in Archie’s ‘best interests’ to die by removing life support. However, Archie’s family is not convinced that he is brain dead. They have experienced behaviour that contradicts what the hospital first told them, and also seen stories of remarkable recoveries from similar conditions in other patients.

Hollie Dance, Archie’s mother, commented: “There’s not been enough time to see what Archie can do. I’ve refused the brain stem testing to declare him brain dead – it’s too soon. He has squeezed my fingers with a tight grip. I think that’s his way of letting me know he’s still here and just needs more time. Only a few days ago, he began to open his eyes. When his ventilator tube was being replaced, tears appeared in his eyes.

“Until it’s God’s way, I won’t accept he should go. I know of miracles when people have come back from being brain dead. He may not be the same as he was but if there’s a possibility he could live a happy life after this, I want to give it to him.”

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