‘The only unprecedented part of the pandemic is the state overreach’

8 April 2022

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Over the past two years, through lockdowns and the Covid pandemic, we’ve all heard the word ‘unprecedented’ a lot. But are the times we’re living in really unprecedented?

“Actually, there’s been nothing unprecedented about it whatsoever,” comments Rev. Dr Joe Boot, author of Wilberforce Publications new book, Ruler of Kings. “What’s really been unprecedented is the massive overreach of the state into every aspect of regulating our lives – the family, the church, the vocations – the mass regulations and totalising control of the state have been what’s unprecedented over the last two years.”

Throughout the history of the Church, the question of the Christian’s relationship to political authority has been a matter of discussion and debate. Since the apostolic era, Christians have taught that Jesus Christ is king over all the earth and all the kingdoms of men. Yet, here we are, positioned against a backdrop of unprecedented restrictions on civil liberties in the West, that included the forced closure of churches and restrictions of church services in the wake of a virus.

In his new book, Joe seeks to make sense of vital issues central to the realm of politics and civil government, providing the basis for a Christian response.

He comments: “We have this moment to reflect, an opportunity to examine: what does the gospel of the Kingdom have to say about the relationship of Church and state? What are the implications of the Lordship of Jesus Christ for the life of the Church, the life of the family, and the life of the State? And what does God’s sovereignty over all of these areas of life really mean?”


You can now watch the entire online launch on our website.

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