Ruler of Kings: Toward a Christian vision of government

12 April 2022

“It is evident that there is an unbreakable link between our concept of God, our view of ourselves, and how we choose to live in the world – which is to say, what we believe shapes how we behave. Our ideas have real world consequences.”

Wilberforce Publications is pleased to announce the launch of Ruler of Kings: Toward a Christian Vision of Government, by Rev. Dr Joe Boot.

Over the past two years, in the midst of lockdowns and a pandemic, we’ve all heard the word ‘unprecedented’ a lot. But is suffering a worldwide virus really an unprecedented phenomenon? Or is it something else we’ve experienced recently that could set a worrying new precedent?

“What we’ve seen in the West in the past two years … is the increased emergence of a totalitarian view of government – it’s been a shock to the Western world,” comments Joe. “Totalitarianism essentially means that all of society – the family, the church, business enterprise, medicine, etc. – are seen as departments of the state … which means you can create an environment in which the Church can be shut down indefinitely by the state, because it belongs to the state.”

Over the past two years, says Joe, the battle in the West has actually been over who has ultimate authority: are we under the authority of Christ, or the authority of man?

“Ruler of Kings is basically a cultural apologetics work that is trying to identify, delineate and then defend a Christian view of government and what that means for today,” Joe comments. “I try and describe this battle, this conflict that has been running throughout human history since the time of the tower of Babel, and then identify what a Christian view of government should be, and how we go about thinking about that, in terms of today’s societal structures.”

Ruler of Kings is available now.

You can watch the full online launch of the book below:

About the author

Rev. Dr Joe Boot is director of our Wilberforce Academy and Christian Concern’s head of public theology. Joe is a cultural theologian, leading Christian apologist, founding pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto, and founder of Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity (EICC).


“Ruler of Kings reminds us that Christ’s sceptre of power rules over all of life, and that he will inevitably receive the inheritance of nations. A must read in our day.”
James R White, apologist, theologian and Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, Phoenix, Arizona

Find out more about Ruler of Kings on the Wilberforce Publications website.

You can buy your copy from Equipping the Church and Amazon (also for Kindle).

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