Rethink RSE: promoting a Biblical vision of relationships and sexuality

20 October 2020

With the new academic year well under way, many are asking what resources are available that underpin Biblical teaching on relationship and sexuality. Because in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty that surrounds us, one thing remains certain: we must protect and promote a Biblical vision of relationships and sexuality in our schools and in our homes.


When it comes to RSE, schools are at risk of becoming places of confusion rather than clarity. The last decade alone has seen a 2,500% increase in the number of children being referred to gender identity clinics. Might this have something to do with what children are being taught in schools?

We believe that all children are created, known and treasured by God, and that His ways are the best for them to grow up in and flourish.

Will you pray and stand with us for schools to be safe and fun learning environments where children can truly thrive?

Resources for teachers

Teaching Biblical RSE need not be tricky. Did you know, as a teacher, it is perfectly possibly to teach RSE in line with traditional Biblical principles and still remain faithful to the government’s guidance on teaching RSE? Check out our resources below:

What parents need to know

If you’re confused as a parents about what you child is being taught at school, the best thing to do is get in touch with their school and ask. Here are some resources which can help you to prepare to do just that:

Stories from pupils and parents

Parents and pupils across the country have spoken out about how RSE is being taught, voicing their concerns about the dangerous themes being taught to young children. You can read and share their stories at the links below:

  • Kaysey’s school was teaching LGBT throughout the day – not just in RSE.
  • Izzy Montague faced victimisation for raising concerns that her son’s school wanted to force children to participate in a school ‘Pride parade’.
  • Kristie Higgs lost her job for privately raising concerns on her Facebook page about how RSE was being taught.

Write to your child’s headteacher

Schools have a legal obligation to tell parents about any changes they are making to the RSE curriculum when drafting the school’s new policy. The official guidance refers to this process as ‘parental engagement’ and the law makes it clear that a consultation must take place. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you can request this consultation.

Use our downloadable templates to engage with schools on the issue of RSE:

Write to your primary school headteacher

Write to your secondary school headteacher

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