Is a treatment that puts 1 in 17 women in hospital really ‘caring’?

4 February 2022

It has been nearly two years since the government introduced its ’emergency’ measures allowing women to receive abortion pills at home without proper checks or a visit to the clinic. With Covid restrictions now being eased, ministers will be deciding whether or not to keep DIY abortions for good.

Abortion providers are lobbying for DIY abortion to be made permanent with ‘Care not Criminalisation’ – but how caring is it to make permanent a service that risks women’s lives and sends them to hospital?

On Round the Table, Tim Dieppe was joined by the Christian Legal Centre’s Michael Phillips, as well as Rachel Mackenzie from Rachel’s Vineyard UK, as they discussed the effects this policy has had on women over the past two years, and what you can do to make your voice heard on the issue.


Make your voice heard and ask for an end to DIY abortion.

Find out more about DIY abortions
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