Good News, Great Joy: ‘The Politics of Advent’

20 December 2023

Watch clips from Professor Jonathan Burnside’s five short devotionals from ‘The Politics of Advent’, as well as a bonus video from Beth Peltola and Tim Dieppe on how we can share the gospel with our Muslim neighbours

The ‘good news’ we celebrate at Christmas is much more than about a baby sweetly lying in a manger. It has the power to change lives. It is also deeply political.

“Nothing is more subversive to the religious establishment than that the glory of God should appear to shepherds, especially after all this time.”

In the Christmas story, we see an evil king defeated in the most unexpected of ways – pointing to the day when evil regimes and totalitarian rulers will be toppled, forever.

In the ancient world, the Magi bowed to no one. Yet, in Matthew’s gospel, we see them bowing to Jesus, the King of Kings.

Nativity productions are often full of unexpected visitors to the stable. Even more amazing is the fact that we, as sinful people, can approach the King of Kings!

How can we share the good news of Jesus with Muslims?

Asking questions is one of the best ways to get a variety of different people talking and thinking about the gospel.

In this video, Beth Peltola and Tim Dieppe share how we can use questions to share the gospel with our Muslim friends. See more at

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